Homework Overload?

There’s a major problem with homework this year. It’s crazy!! I’m already super busy 24/7 with sports and trying to eat now I have all of these papers and projects just thrown at me like, “Hey! Here’s more things to make you have no life!”. I understand that throwing all of this at us is kind of a test to see how well we can handle things but honestly I can’t handle it yet! We aren’t even halfway through the semester yet and I’ve written more papers than I ever have in all of my 11 years of schooling. R.I.P. to my social life because school is taking that away from me. Also I would like to say good-bye to all of my social media accounts because I’m always doing stuff on my chromebook and have no time to even scroll on instagram anymore. Seriously what has this world come to?!?!?

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My Fate is in the Hands of My Foot!!

You know your body and you know when something is too much to handle for you or if something is seriously wrong with it. So here’s my story. Over the summer, I went to everything that we had for volleyball. Every open gym, every scrimmage, and even early morning workouts when I could be getting my beauty sleep. I sacrificed so much because this was supposed to be my best year yet statistically speaking. But, once the season was approaching, I landed on a fellow teammates foot coming down from jumping and was in instant pain.

Later that evening I found out that I had a high ankles sprain and that I was supposed to be in a boot for awhile and at that moment I knew that this is not going to be what I expected this season to go. For while I thought my life was over and that I should just curl up with my blanket in my bed and just lay there forever.

All I ever did at practice was stick my foot in a freezing cold ice bucket and keep the score or time things. Boring right? Yeah well that was my life for a month. Plus I was down in the dumps because I was so excited for season and then I had to sit out for 10 games!!!!! I just constantly think of all the stats I could’ve had and all the help I could’ve brought to the team. It was just a rough time for me.

So this past Monday my coach asked me if I thought I was ready to play and I of course blurted out, “YES!!”. Then she told me that it all depends on my foot and how it feels therefore my volleyball fate was in the hands of my foot. Ultimately I felt fine so I finally got the opportunity to play my first game of my junior year yesterday and even though we lost, I still felt like I won because I am back out on the court.